Myth, Mythos and Mythic Musings I received my Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology, from Pacifica Graduate institute. Myth and all things mythic have long been a love of mine, ever since I was child. Nurtured by my year at the Mount...

Non Website Design

I also work create brochures, business cards and other non website items.

Recent Work

Websites – Non-database, html – WordPress website with shopping cart – html, bootstrap   Brochures NMBusiness Excellence 2016 (PDF) And all brochures on this website:...

Web Sites

Web and Graphic Design: an overview I’ve been less involved in the world of web site design over the few years at Pacifica Graduate Institute but have kept my finger in, so to speak. These days, I am fond of using CMS and particularly, WordPress. After having used a...

Sweat Lodge & Imagery at Haarberghof

  We had a wonderful weekend at Haarberghof in Austria! Thanks to everyone who took part with me in this delightful mix of deep imagery and sweat lodge. Thank you Jeannine for the photograph.