Mythic Mentoring with Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

Using Myth & Imagery to guide your path
Engage with the sacred story of your life

I was driven to ask myself in all seriousness: “What is the myth you are living?….I simply had to know what unconscious or preconscious myth was forming me, from what rhizome I sprang. ~ Carl Jung, , CW 5, Pages xxiv-xxv

One on One

Individual, unique to you, one session or more.
Spiraling inwards to your inner mythology.

Workshops & Groups

Online and in person.


Various themes & topics:
Poetry, Mythology, Cultural Mythopoetics


Online Courses

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Various themes & topics:
Self-Discovery, Self-exploration
Poetry, Mythology, Cultural Mythopoetics

Mythic Mentoring

Myths help us to keep in touch with inward forces.
They tell us of powers of psyche to be recognized and integrated into our lives,
powers common to the human spirit from the beginning.
—Joseph Campbell, Myths to Live By

We humans like to tell stories. We often do this with our lives and experiences. By story-ing ourselves, we shape what happens, recasting the events of our lives into tales that make sense to us. We link one narrative to another to create a wholeness that sustains the substance of who we are and where we belong.

We rework the messy and incomprehensible and ease away the uncertainties and irreconcilables of our existence. Sometimes, we find the humor in the messiness, an acceptance of the absurd, a tale to make us and those we share it with, laugh. But sometimes, we lock ourselves into a story that limits our experience of who we are and who we might become.

Mythic Mentoring© gives us the space to explore the stories we tell about our lives. Often, in this process, we discover a personal myth, a tale that, like the myths of old, enlightens the meaning and direction of our lives. Our life tales often mirror the themes that are found in older myths. We discover ourselves relating to the happenings in our life as the characters of myth did. Sometimes, we find ourselves locked into one myth and by exploring other myths, or by retelling the myths, we can find new directions, new ways of being, new ways of relating to the events, people and doings of our life.

Mythic Mentoring© is a deeply personal exploration of the stories you tell about yourself and your experience of the world. It grants you the space through which you can recognize the story you tell: “I am…””This always happens..” “People are…” “I will never…”  or the story that attracts you, the songs, poetry, movies that snag your attention so you recognize you mythopoetic engagement with the world.

Through working with the mythic and imaginal, guided by Mary, you will find what sustains you and gives you freedom.

This is Soul work. A personal, depth engagement with myth and the imaginal, a re-engagement with mythopoetic exploration.



There is, I believe, a need to revive our engagement with the world and our own selves. The Greeks would have suggested that we renew our worship of Aphrodite…if we take it that worship implies embodying the god(dess). Our veneration of Aphrodite would ensure we actively pursue a living, erotic engagement with ourselves, with the world, with other. Aphrodite’s power is not just as a goddess of sex but as that intimate, enlivening connection with all things.

In Deep Imagery, we refer to this as Aliveness, a recognition that we and all aspects of who we are and what we experience are alive. It implies a movement away from conceptualization and into an enlivened experiencing of all that is. It involves us coming to know, to experience deeply our own Aliveness. 

 I think this erotic, enlivening engagement enables a deepening of self-consciousness; It engenders compassion for the suffering and struggles of ourselves and others; it supports an enrichment of our inner life; and an appreciation of the guidance of the deep imagination.

Myth Offerings


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How Do I Book an Individual session?

Visit my bookable calendar or get in touch  using the contact form.

How much will a session cost?

I charge on a sliding scale. $80USD to $120USD per individual session.  However, for some in-depth work, I suggest committing to a longer process.

Is it possible to book a Mythic Mentoring Bundle?

Yes, of course. See the bundles on offer below. 3, 6 or 8 sessions available.

What topics will we work on?

If you have a particular story or myth you want to work with, we will begin with that. 

 Individual single sessions are usually an introduction to the process while the Mythic Mentoring© bundles allow you explore with more depth.  

How should I prepare?

Fill in the Mythic Mentoring Exploration form.

Mostly, you need to take care of the practicalities.

Make sure you have a good internet or phone connection in the space where you will work.

Be in a space where you will be undisturbed for one hour.

Make sure you will be comfortable. 

Have a blanket or someway of staying warm, if you need it.

If we are connecting online via Zoom (preferred), make sure I will be able to see you or at a minimum, see your face.


What will be the focus of our work?

The goal of Mythic Mentoring© is ultimately to help the you regain a living, alive and balanced relationship with the stories you tell of yourself, in word and action.

Therefore the focus will be on uncovering the mythic dimensions of your life, of plumbing the depths of the wisdom of the mythic past as it relates to you,  and of  learning to re-story yourself so that you can be free.

It is Soul work. It embraces your depths, your wholeness, your deep aliveness.



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How It Works

Schedule a 1:1

If you are interested in a pre-paid bundle, you may choose a free or by donation initial session.  I’m happy to introduce you to Mythic Mentoring© and talk to you about your possible process. 

Individual sessions, not part of a bundle,  are usually charged on a sliding scale between $80-$120. 



Choose a Plan

Interested in exploring a specific topic in-depth?
Perhaps you want to commit to 3 sessions or more?
I offer a number of pre-paid bundles below.
Get in touch if one appeals to you.

See what happens

The beauty of meeting with your inner guides is that they know what needs to happen for you, in the way that is best for you. They know the best timing, the order of things you need to meet with; the most optimal path to your healing. Whichever options you chose, single journeys or a pre-paid bundle, your inner guides will know what is needed.


3 Mythic Mentoring Sessions Bundle

We can work with a set theme or just prepay for 3 sessions in advance.

More Details
We can meet for the 1-1 and decide on the topic or themes you wish to explore for the next 3 sessions.
you may simply want to book and prepay for 3 sessions and use them as needed with a 6 month period.


6 Mythic Mentoring Sessions Bundle

6 sessions over 12 months, working on a set topic of your choosing or just pay in advance for 6 sessions


More Details

A set of 6 sessions taken over a 12 month period.
These can be free-form and open-ended, in that you commit to a process and we trust what will wake to be explored in that time. I listen deeply and draw the connections to Myth and Story, to metaphor and image to deepen your engagement with your own process.

 Or we can engage with specific themes such as:

– I am Beauty Within: 

– Journeys with the Goddesses

– Working with Ancestors



9 Mythic Mentoring Sessions Bundle

A commitment to a longer-term process: work on a theme or topics of your choosing.


More Details

A set of 9 sessions taken over a 12 month period.

These can be free-form and open-ended, in that you commit to a process and we trust what will wake to be explored in that time. I listen deeply and draw the connections to Myth and Story, to metaphor and image to deepen your engagement with your own process.

 Or we can engage with specific themes such as these below and more:

– The Celtic Year

– Journeys with the Goddesses

– Working with Ancestors, Ancestral Knowing and myth.

– The Yggdrassil: The 9 Norse Worlds.



Choose some dates

If you are choosing a pay-in-advance package, visit my booking calendar to choose some dates.

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