Deep Imagery with Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

Meet your Inner Guides
Discover your Deep Aliveness

Knowing through imagery is a knowing of the inner, and its concern is growth, healing, and wholeness ~ E.S. Gallegos

Deep Imagery Training

A Three Year Program that certifies you to guide individuals through Deep Imagination journeys

Workshops & Groups

Online and in person.

Various themes & topics. Affordable.

Individual Sessions

One on One journeys.
Packages available.

Deep Imagery Training

Chakra Animals, Dream Journeys, Relationship Work, Polarity Integration, Ways of Knowing

An experiential, process-oriented training in interactive, relational Deep Imagery which requires a commitment to developing a relationship with one’s own deep imagery guides and a willingness to journey into the deeper levels of oneself. You will not only be taught a number of techniques but you will also have an opportunity to undertake your own inner work. This  insures that your eventual ability with the Personal Totem Pole process will emanate from deep personal experience.

Through training in the Personal Totem Pole Process, the Deep Imagery practitioner acquires skills to guide others through a range of imagery journeys. Practitioners learn how to work with Deep Imagination to explore a variety of issues in a therapeutic and healing modality, including dreams, physical & emotional issues, couples work, conflict resolution, illness & life

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Deep Imagery Workshops

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How Do I Book an Individual session?

Visit my bookable calendar or get in touch  using the contact form.

How much will a session cost?

I charge on a sliding scale. $80USD to $120USD per individual session. 

Is it possible to book a package?

Yes, of course. See the packages on offer below. 3, 6 or 8 sessions available.

What topics will we work on?

If you have a particular issue you want to work with, we will begin with that. 

 However, working with the deep imagination is a way of accessing your own deep wisdom. By meeting the guides of your deep imagination, you will have a chance to engage with an aspect of you who knows you intimately. It knows the path you need to take and so, sometimes, your deep imagery guides may guide you on journeys other to what your thinking had focussed on initially. 

How should I prepare?

Mostly, you need to take care of the practicalities.

Make sure you have a good internet or phone connection in the space where you will journey.

Be in a space where you will be undisturbed for one hour.

You may lie down or sit. Whichever you choose, make sure you will be comfortable. 

Have a blanket or someway of staying warm, if you need it.

If we are connecting online via Zoom (preferred), make sure I will be able to see you or at a minimum, see your face.


What will be the focus of the journey?

The goal of Deep Imagery/PTPP™ is ultimately to help the person regain the central positions of aliveness, wholeness, and balance in themselves.

A Deep Imagery or PTPP® journey involves an open-ended engagement with the deeper levels of the imagination, where the imagination itself is active. It allows the journeyer to explore aspects of their consciousness through building a relationship with their own deep imagination.

Because the activity of imagining is in the moment, alive, the PTPP™ does not involve learning preconceived ideas about either the path a journey needs to follow or its outcome. The work is about the present moment experience of the person undertaking the journey.


This method was originally named the Personal Totem Pole Process™ but as the work developed, the term “Deep Imagery” came to be used more frequently.

The Personal Totem Pole Process©, a unique method of active imagery, is a means of accessing the deep imagination developed by Dr Eligio Stephen Gallegos.

The term “Deep Imagery” underscores the essential nature of the work:
this method of working with the imagination allows us to experience a deep knowing about our innermost self
. It reveals our own deep inner processes in a way that is accessible. Through working with the deep imagination, we develop relationships with our many alivenesses and so move more and more towards experiencing our own wholeness.


How It Works

Schedule a 1:1

If you are interested in a pre-paid bundle, you may choose a free or by donation initial session.  I’m happy to introduce you to Deep Imagery and talk to you about your possible process. 

Individual sessions, not part of a bundle,  are usually charged on a sliding scale between $80-$120. 



Choose a Plan

Interested in exploring a specific topic in-depth?
Perhaps you want to commit to 3 sessions or more?
I offer a number of pre-paid Deep Imagery bundles below.
Get in touch if one appeals to you.

See what happens

The beauty of meeting with your inner guides is that they know what needs to happen for you, in the way that is best for you. They know the best timing, the order of things you need to meet with; the most optimal path to your healing. Whichever options you chose, single journeys or a pre-paid bundle, your inner guides will know what is needed.


3 Deep Imagery Sessions Bundle

We can work with a set theme or just prepay for 3 sessions in advance.

More Details
We can meet for the 1-1 and decide on the topic or themes you wish to explore for the next 3 sessions.
you may simply want to book and prepay for 3 sessions and use them as needed with a 6 month period.


6 Deep Imagery Sessions Bundle

6 sessions over 12 months, working on a set topic of your choosing or just pay in advance for 6 sessions


More Details

A set of 6 journeys taken over a 12 month period.
These can be free-form and open-ended, in that you commit to a process and we trust your guides to bring you the doorways you need to explore in that time.


Or we can enter a specific process:

– Working with Feelings: Fear, Anger, Love, hate, disgust, sadness (or whatever others are pertinent).

– Journeys with the Goddesses

– Meeting my Powers



9 Deep Imagery Sessions Bundle

A commitment to a longer term process: work on a theme or topics of your choosing or Meet your Chakra Animals.


More Details

A set of 9 journeys taken over a 12 month period.
These can be free-form and open-ended, in that you commit to a process and we trust your guides to bring you the doorways you need to explore.

Or, we can undertake a specific process:

Meet my Chakra Animals Package
Meet all your chakra animals plus the Council

Nine Session Bundle

Choose some dates

If you are choosing a pay-in-advance package, visit my booking calendar to choose some dates.

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