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Meet your imagery guides by Phone or Skype

What could be more convenient than to enjoy an imagery session from the comfort of your own home? I offer imagery sessions over the phone or by Skype. Our Imagery guides are surprisingly accessible over the long distance. I have worked with people for over 15 years by phone. Individual sessions are available or better yet, […]

Imagery and The Personal Totem Pole Process

Mary has worked with the Personal Totem Pole Process as a means of accessing the deep imagination for over 20 years and is a certified trainer with the IIVR. Her particular interests are in the intersection between myth, storytelling, ritual and deep imagery as well as the link between psyche and nature. Mary’s deep imagery workshops often […]

Sweat Lodge

Sweating rituals have a long and sacred tradition as a healing ceremony in many cultures. The forms we are most familiar with today are those that have been preserved by in Native American traditions. Mary was taught to pour water by Felipe Ortega, a Jicarilla Apache Medicine man. The lodge honors the 4 cardinal directions as well as […]

Micaceous Pottery

Pottery I love micaceous clay pottery. Micaceous clay is a clay that naturally contains a high propotion of mica. Mica is a great natural conductor of heat & as a result, allows micaceous cookware to hold heat extremely well. The local Pueblos & native peoples of Northern New Mexico have used this clay for cookware […]