Web and Graphic Design: an overview
I’ve been less involved in the world of web site design over the few years at Pacifica Graduate Institute but have kept my finger in, so to speak. These days, I am fond of using CMS and particularly, WordPress. After having used a variety of other CMS… Typo3, DotNetNuke, website baker, CMS Made Simple, to name a few, I’ve settled on WordPress right now as my system of choice. And for those who just want a site that they don’t need to manage, I still work with good old solid HTML.
However, I also like the idea of web site development as personal development. To that end, I am launching a new project, Soul Sites, in which I use not only my web and graphic skills but my work in imagery and myth. Soul sites is process oriented. It aims to help people and businesses to discern what their web-face is, what they need to become clear on to create a website that works for their needs. The end result is clarity and a plan for getting a website online. The client may or may not chose to have me design the site. They will finish the Soul Site process knowing what they need to do next.
If you are just beginning and have no idea what you should do, contact me and I can advise you on Domain Name registration, Hosting services and on a webdesign package to cover your immediate needs.