Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

Deep Imagery Trainer, Mythic Mentoring,
Transformation Life Coach

Fostering Soulwork with myth & imagery

Deep Imagery

One-on-One sessions, Imagery  workshops, Deep Imagery Training: Distance Learning, Residential and Deep Imagery Workshop Leader Training

Mythic Mentoring

Using myth and imagery in transformative practice. Transpersonal, spiritual coaching that connects you with your  infinite inner wisdom & resourcefulness.

Deep Imagery

Training: Three Year Program, certified by the IIVR. In your own home via Zoom.

Workshops: Online via Zoom. Join already scheduled group sessions. Or see my schedule for upcoming events.

1-1 Journeys: Individually guided Deep Imagery Journeys. Zoom. Skype. FB Messenger. In your own time. In your own home.

Mentoring with the Mythic & Imaginal

One on one sessions. Deep listening. Inner exploration.  The art of living mythopoetically.
Transformative. A depth process. 

One on One sessions

Group classes


Nature & Soul

A 6 month process based around vision quest.
Online and in person. Various themes & topics. Affordable.
Nature & Soul
Online course

Website Design

What Is Deep Imagery?

Deep within us all lies the means to access our innate wisdom. Sometimes this place of knowing is referred to as our unconscious (as did Carl Jung) but I use an older term, Imagination.  A Deep Imagery journey involves meeting with the deepest levels of your imagination.

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 There you will find support-ful and compassionate inner guides, often animals, who know the pacing and the direction of your life path. It is these guides you will meet in a Deep Imagery Journey. Through this work, you get the opportunity to grow your relationships with them so that they become your allies and friends, your companions on the journey of your life.

As Dr E.S. Gallegos puts it “Knowing through imagery is a knowing of the inner, and its concern is growth, healing, and wholeness” (Animals of the Four Windows, 22).

Gift yourself with time to grow, heal and embrace your wholeness.

Visit my page on Deep Imagery

Mythic Mentoring

Are you searching for ways to deepen your relationship to your inner world? Do you feel that there are ‘big’ questions to ask? Questions that address being rather than doing?  Questions that address soul rather than facade? 

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Do you ask about the truth of who you are and your purpose for existing?  Do you want more? 

I offer Mythic Mentoring,  working with myth and the deep imagination to support who you are and to guide your path.

Learn to allow your soulful self to guide you.   Discover who you are inside.  Mine the richness of your inner experiences to give meaning, value, and purpose to your existence.

Once you build a relationship to your wisdom within, you will experience life differently. You will begin to trust the deep guidance that emanates from your wholeness and find that you are never alone.

 What is Soul work?

Soulwork is not psychotherapy, although it certainly has links to Depth Psychology and similar approaches to working with self.   Soulwork returns to the original meaning of  “psyche,” the Greek root of our English terms like psychology and psychotherapy. Soulwork, can be described as the art of living soulfully, from a place of deep imagination, still grounded, embodied, and in balance.  

1. Deep Imagination, what is that?

When we engage in soulwork we access the deep imagination — which has been also be referred to as “the unconscious,” “archetypal field,” the “spirit,” the “soul.” Depth psychologists such as Carl Jung, James Hillman, Marion Woodman, etc. have understood imagination as the primary tool of consciousness.

Or, as William Blake put it:

“The imagination is not a state, it is the human existence itself.” 

Thus, in Soulwork, working with the deep imagination is key. The deep imagination is not fantasy or visualization. It is a place wherein the imagination is communicative, alive, and active. It is grounded, embodied and deep. It doesn’t just go upwards, into the light, but instead embraces our wholeness, both light and dark and all between.

2. So, are you offering therapy?

No, I am not offering therapy.

My work with clients does not seek to cure psychological disease, but rather to meet with the dis-ease our souls may feel in these uncertain times or simply as a result of being human.

My concern is not with curing as such but with enabling experiences that allow you to meet with the deep, guiding aspects of your aliveness. 

Within you, you will find the companionship you have been seeking; the compassionate and tender holding you need; the best friends and the wisest teachers you have ever desired.


3. Are you offering coaching?

Another way of describing what I do is transformative coaching. I prefer the term mentoring myself but coaching might also be helpful in understanding what I do. 

I am not goal oriented in the specific sense that most coaching practices are. The goals I help you pursue have more to do with being and soul, rather than with achieving certain objectives, or improving performance or  solving particular issues. 

Mentoring is a better term for what I do. I’ve walked this path. I know how the imaginal supports my life. I draw on that wisdom to help you discover how you too can access your inner wisdom, be it through Deep Imagery or through working with myth.

3. What methods do you use?

I work primarily with the method of engaging the deep imagination, as developed by Dr. Eligio Stephen Gallegos. I combine this approach, which is open-ended and relational, with my work in mythology, story-telling, and traditional medicine. I have qualifications in coaching, hypnotherapy and a number of other alternative practices, some of which I draw on. 

My work caters to the individual and so, I draw on various skills, depending on your needs.


5. Legal information

In New Mexico, people’s access to and the practitioner’s right to practice traditional, cultural, complementary, and alternative health care therapies are protected by the “Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act” of 2009.

I operate as a complementary and alternative health care practitioner and I am not licensed by the state of New Mexico. There is currently no license available for the services provided. All services and treatments provided are complementary or alternative to health care services provided by health care practitioners currently licensed by the state of New Mexico.


3 Session Package

Deep Imagery or Mythic Mentoring. An open-ended exploration of you or work on specific issues.


6 Session Package

A longer, process. Individualized to your specific needs or you can just pay in advance for 6 sessions to be used as needed, within a 12 month period.


9 Session Package

We can work on a set theme or develop an individualized program for you. Or you may prefer to pay in advance for 9 open-ended sessions to be used as you need, within a 12 month period.

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About Me

Woman. Irish. Artist. Potter. Deep Imagery Trainer. Mythologist. Mentor. Transformation Life Coach. 

There are so many ways to describe oneself!

Perhaps what is most relevant to you is that I have spent over 25 years working with Deep Imagery and even longer, with myth. I am trained in massage and various bodywork techniques, HeartMath, counseling skills as well as having learnt Apache medicine traditions from Jicarilla Medicine Man, Felipe Ortega. I also have a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute, a school of Depth Psychology in California, USA.


“Mary is gentle, kind and the most patient, positive person I know. …She has guided me through my life challenges to a place of freedom”

“We have been through so much together in the last two years… her true gift as a teacher is that she whole heartedly  guides and journeys us with her intuition and wisdom”

“Thank you for the beautiful sessions you led me through. I found such healing in the journeys and stories. I feel ready for whatever comes next. “

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!