Samhain Reflection

Join me for our annual Samhain Reflection on November 1, 2020.

Samhain, Hallowe’en, The Holy Evening, Dia de los Muerto, All Saints day…
Samhain, the original Celtic festival, is one of the 4 main Festivals of the Celtic Calendar. It marked the major division between the light half of the year, the Summer season and the dark half of the year, the season of winter. The word “Samhain” might be a linguistic inversion of the Irish-language term samhradh (summer) so that Samhain means “summer’s end.” (Samhain is pronounced like sow-in (sow as in a female pig). ‘mh’ in the Irish language is often pronounced as the English “w”.)
The Celts are believed to have measured time by nights rather than by days, as we do today, and so Samhain is believed by many to be the festival that marked the “New Year” for the Celtic peoples. It was a liminal time, when the veils between worlds were thin, and therefore both Fairy (Sidhe) and the dead might visit. As a result, it was also a time when divination was particularly powerful and when it was possible to call on the Otherworld for assistance. In some ways, Samhain was a festival outside of the normal strictures of time, when all possibilities were open.
This mini-workshop will look at some of the traditions of Samhain. As traditionally, it is a time when the Otherworld is particularly accessible, it is also a good time to journey, to do imagery.
Join me for a myth and imagery workshop on Samhain.
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$5-$25 or just attend and be nurtured.


Nov 01 2020


3:30 am

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  • Date: Nov 01 2020
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