When, during the final moments of the third and final 2017 US presidential debate, Donald Trump interrupted his opponent, Hillary Clinton and muttered “such a nasty woman,” into his microphone, he could not have foreseen how “nasty woman” would become a badge of honor for many women. Even with Clinton’s defeat in the election, Nasty Woman remains a rallying cry for women. Defined on blogs and on merchandise as a “confident independent woman who gets stuff done,” Nasty Woman has become a call to action in the post-election months.
Mythology has many ‘nasty women’ like Medusa with her Gorgon head who turns men to stone, Tiamat the great goddess serpent of Sumerian myth and The Morrígan, the Irish war goddess. These are the dark goddesses, mythic Nasty Women who are opposed and sometimes defeated by the male hero.
Pro-Trump supporters drew heavily on the images of Trump as Perseus, beheading Clinton as Medusa. It is difficult to stand in the face of such negativity. However, not all myths pose the relationship between hero and goddess as solely destructive. Not all goddesses die at the hands of the hero. There are other mythic possibilities, other ways in which the goddess and the hero can interact that may empower the Nasty Women of today and allow them find their way forward and to work successfully with the currently ascendant heroic energy.
This eCourse takes the time to explore the Nasty Women of myth in some detail. It looks at what we can learn from our mythic sisters and mothers in order to empower us. It also explores the Hero and the heroic ideals that he embraces in order to see how myth suggests we can work with such energy.
Each month for 6 months, participants will receive a packet with:

  • a telling of a Nasty Woman myth
  • thoughts and musings on the myth relevant to current happenings
  • a guide to integrating the material personally

Participants will have the chance to  ask questions with a private email to Mary at the end of each month. This is optional. Any communications will be private. Mary will respond to your email and will help you shape how you wish to interact with the material as you move forward.
Additionally, at the 3 month and 6 month mark, participants will have the opportunity for a 1 hour Skype or other session with Mary to work more fully on personal integration or stuck places or whatever is up for you at the time.
Fee: $200