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My approach to the deep imagination was developed by Eligio S.Gallegos Ph.D. and first outlined in his book The Personal Totem Pole Process: Animal imagery, the Chakras and Psychotherapy. As the PTPP, it has been used by therapists, artists, and others interested in self-development in the USA, Europe, and Australia for over 30 years.

This method of working with imagery was originally named the Personal Totem Pole Process™ but as the work developed, the term “Deep Imagery” has come to be used more frequently.

I teach people a way of engaging with their deep imagination, that is open-ended and relational. As a process, this method recognizes imagery, along with thinking, sensing, and feeling, as ways of knowing. Like other depth psychological approaches,  I understand that imagination is the primary tool of consciousness. Imagination, from this perspective, is not to be confused with illusion and fantasy. Instead, imagination is the vehicle through which the psyche expresses her many aspects.

This approach understands the deep imagination as inherently integrative: it allows us to re-establish inner balance and wholeness through the experiences we have in deep imagery journeys.

No verbal description can adequately portray the aliveness, the immediacy, and the direct emotional engagement which the Personal Totem Pole Process allows each client. Each animal has its own unique personality, and the animals, both individually and collectively, rapidly evolve into a valued inner support system.”.
– ES Gallegos, The Personal Totem Pole Process, page 202.