Samhain 2020

Samhain 2020

Join me for our annual Samhain Reflection on November 1, 2020. Samhain, Hallowe’en, The Holy Evening, Dia de los Muerto, All Saints day… Samhain, the original Celtic festival, is one of the 4 main Festivals of the Celtic Calendar. It marked the major...

Sweat Lodge & Imagery at Haarberghof

  We had a wonderful weekend at Haarberghof in Austria! Thanks to everyone who took part with me in this delightful mix of deep imagery and sweat lodge. Thank you Jeannine for the photograph.

Meet your imagery guides by Phone or Skype

What could be more convenient than to enjoy an imagery session from the comfort of your own home? I offer imagery sessions over the phone or by Skype. Our Imagery guides are surprisingly accessible over the long distance. I have worked with people for over 15 years by...