Nasty Women

Mythology has many: Medusa, Tiamat, the Morrígan, Ereshkigal, Kali. Powerful beings, associated with the mysteries of birth and death, they can be warriors and queens, begetters and destroyers.

The Hero

The hero is often portrayed as the nemesis of the goddess. Frequently, he is the one who defeats her and kills her. Whether as warrior or light bringer or something else, the hero energy is routinely shown in opposition to the goddess.

Silencing the Goddess

Our culture values the hero. In so many areas, the warrior hero, the defeater of the goddess, is valued. In the boardroom, the government, the school yard and streets, the image of the warrior hero is seen as the one to emulate. The result is the silencing of the goddess.

Looking Beneath

Nasty Women, a Mythological survival guide, looks beneath these stories to learn from the goddess. Learn from the comfort of your own home. Online and phone sessions.

Nasty Women: A Mythological Survival Guide™

Nasty Women eCourse is a six month process of empowerment through engagement with the mythologies of  dark goddesses. Each month, we look at one myth in depth and discover what lessons are there for Nasty Women today. What can we learn from these goddesses both through their defeats and victories? How can they empower us?

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Mary Diggin

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