About this event:

Created by Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

River Spirit, NM

with Mary Diggin, Ph.D

Would you like a focussed time during which you can dive deep into your imagery while being in nature? Would you like to learn how to deepen your connection with the natural world? Do you wish to engage with Other world energies in an intuitive way? Are you preparing for a vision quest in the future and would like to actively engage your inner guides beforehand? Have you ever wanted to explore Vision questing but found it too alien to you? Has something about it not fully sat well with you but you still would like to explore the process? Then this intensive may appeal to you.

Since the beginning of time, humanity has returned to nature to connect with spirit and to seek answers to issues of the physical realms, to listen to nature and nature spirits, to allow a deeper wisdom  reveal itself to the seeker. The quest itself is a journey alone into the wilderness seeking personal growth and spiritual guidance from the spirit and Creator. Traditionally, the seeker finds a place that they feel is special, and sits in a 10 foot circle and brings nothing in from outside with the exception of water.

Through our deep imagery journeys we mirror this practice. We seek our personal growth, our wholeness by listening to a deeper wisdom. Our inner guides communicate with us, lead us within to connect us to the deep aliveness that is ours. We create our inner scared space from which we open our hearts to the guidance offered. Deep Imagery allows us connect to the natural world, to engage with Other and to deepen our everyday experience of living as human in a world full of Other…animal, plant, rock, air, bird, invisibles etc. 

An Imagery Vision Quest

I learnt how to lead Vision Quests from Felipe Ortega, a Jicarilla Apache Medicine man. Felipe was Two-Spirit and so his take on the Vision Quest was often different to other medicine teachers. He was also ultimately practical: what worked, worked. Sometimes an overnight was better than 4 nights. Questers could use tents. Sometimes he offered food. Always he offered water. He taught me that Spirit is gentle and wants our growing and that we are just human. Sometimes, in this modern day and age, we need some extra support. In his spirit, I have rethought aspects of the vision quest and offer it in a modified way.

Especially mindful that we are in a time of deep climate change, overnight in the wilderness with fire is not often an option in New Mexico. This year, we are once more facing a severe drought and most likely, by the summer season, we will be unable to access the Place of the Grandmothers, the forest area where I lead Vision Quests, and where Felipe led them, due to fire restrictions.

So, in the place of a traditional quest, this year I offer instead a 5 day nature and imagery workshop. In this intensive, you will journey each day to seek and clarify your vision. You will have the opportunity to spend time in your circle, in nature and learn how to listen and communicate with the Other who comes to you. You will have the chance to deepen your connection to the natural world and to open your hearing to a deep guidance that you can access at any time.

We will incorporate aspects of a traditional vision quest alongside our imagery practice: fasting, time alone in nature, silence, circle. These aspects will be guided by our imagery and will allow you create a unique and personal quest, completely supported by your inner guides.

Location: River Spirit, Embudo NM 87531, USA

Suggested Tuition: $500

Dates: July 14-18, 2018