Events > 2018 > April > Beauty Within: a mini course on the Jicarilla Apache directions.

About this event:

Created by Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

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A 4 week, mini course on Beauty Within Beauty is not passive. It is fierce, an energizing force that draws us forth and shapes our lives. Native American traditions know this. Athabascan peoples such as the Navajo and Apache hold that we need to walk in beauty. Beauty within is the seventh direction of the medicine wheel, expressed in harmony with Earth, Sky, East, South, West and North. Beauty is the center through which the other directions are actualized in our lives.

Each day of this 4 part event, we will explore one of 4 directions through discussion and imagery.

Week 1: East Energies of new beginnings, of letting go, making space, Spring time, earth, childhood.

Week 2: South Fire energies, sexuality, anger, senses, body, Summer .

Week 3: West Dreams and Visions; water, Autumn/fall time, adulthood,

Week 4: North Winter, old age, wisdom, traditions, healing

Fee: $40.

We will journey to these energies explore our own beauty within.

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