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About this event:

Created by Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

Krakow, Poland

A Core Curriculum Deep Imagery Training with Mary Diggin (Poland)

It is the revitalization of the human soul from within that is the real goal of [this] approach. ~ Stephen Larsen (author of the Mythic Imagination) writing on the Personal Totem Pole Process® introduction, Animals of the Four Windows by E.S. Gallegos

Learn how to use deep imagery in your practice or for personal use. A highly enriching 3 year training in process-oriented, accessible, interactive imagery.

Mary Diggin

Mary Diggin, MA

Location: TBA, near Krakow, Poland
Dates: Training will begin April 30, 2016.

The tuition costs are €1800
Tuition bursaries and stipends available for work or exchange. Participants may also apply to the IIVR for a small grant, if funds are available.
Room and Board: TBA
Contact: Mary Diggin or Justyna Rosa


The Personal Totem Pole Process (PTPP) is an approach to the deep imagination, developed by Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D. and outlined in his book “The Personal Totem Pole Process: Animal Imagery, The Chakras and Psychotherapy.” It has been used by therapists, artists and people interested in self development in the USA, Europe and Australia, for over 30 years.

The PTPP allows individuals explore aspects of their consciousness through building a relationship with their own deep imagination. A Deep Imagery or PTPP® journey involves an open ended engagement with the deeper levels of the imagination, where the imagination itself is active. The Personal Totem Pole Process understands deep imagery as the vehicle for personal growth be it emotional, psychological, or spiritual.

Who uses the Personal Totem Pole Process?
– Psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and other therapy professionals
– Body workers – Artists – Creative individuals
– Anyone interested in holistic therapy & healing methods –
Anyone interested in personal growth and development –
Anyone interested in interactive deep imagery

Downloadable Resources:
Imagery Information Brochure:
PTPPbrochure 5×8