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About this event:

Created by Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

London, Ontario

Date. August 7th through to Sunday August 9th 2015
Place. Michalite Retreat House, London, Ontario
Cost $300.00CAD
Contact  Contact: Mary Diggin or Susanne Hodgins if you are interested in taking part.

Dreams are often mysterious. Half remembered, half forgotten, sometimes populated with strange figures, out of context happenings and out of time experiences. Dreams come to us from our imagery and speak to us in the language of the deep imagination.

Often we try and recover the meaning or message through verbal associations, through interpretation and symbols. But perhaps there is a different way.  What if a dream does not have a fixed meaning? What if, seeing that our dreaming is dynamic, we engage with it in a dynamic way? What if we experience the dream as an invitation to take a step toward our own healing and wholeness? And like all invitations, we need to respond to it in the language in which it was issued.

In this workshop we will learn to enter the doorway of the imagination and journey into our dreams with a dream guide.

Understanding that the deep imagination moves us toward that place of our wholeness, we see the dream as calling us deeper inside ourselves, to rediscover the at-homeness that is ours, to nurture our inner world. We will allow the dream journey to unfold it self, bringing us to places that our thinking would most likely not go, allowing us to deepen our awareness and expand the dream into our lives to nurture us, to deepen us and to bring us home to our selves.

Through engaging the process of the deep imagination we will work with dreams that you have recently had, with old dreams, with dreams that have repeated themselves in your life, with nightmares, and even with dreams that you may not remember.

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