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About this event:

Created by Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

Every human being needs relationships and connections: Connection with oneself, with others, with nature and spirit. Each of us is like a drop of water on a spider web, but web is created only when all these drops connect together into wholeness. The invisible energy of emotions and feelings are often what bond us together – These connections are not always positive. Sometimes the energy of fear or anger or even hate have drawn us together rather than that of love or respect or acceptance. But more and more we understand that we have a choice and that we may create a constellation of human beings connected through Love.

Imagine growing a web, where each single human being is related to others by Love.

It is to this, that the Festival in Poland will be devoted – relations/connections based on deep acceptance, respect and freedom – that is to Love.

Looking forward to a bubbling, creative, deep and unforgettable gathering
Justyna Rosa and Renata Mazur-Ponikiewicz (organization-team 2015).

The Kikow center in Poland offers an ideal environment for creativity, recreation, training, spiritual experiences and community with its open, warm, generous and cosy atmosphere. There is excellent kitchen – regional products and vegetarian food.

Every year since 1990 the IIVR has held a Festival of The Animals. It is a gathering of the community to celebrate the work of the Personal Totem Pole Process®. It is a time to meet old friends and to make new ones; a time to try new workshops; to laugh, grow and to have fun.

The event can be as short as three days or as long as a week. Workshops, usually 3 hours in length, take place both morning and afternoon. All the workshops have some element of deep imagery involved. The morning workshops tend to be mainly a time to journey while afternoon workshops can often have a combination of Imagery and crafts.

The workshops are offered voluntarily by participants of the Festival and you will find workshops offered by very experienced Workshop Leaders and by newcomers, trying out a new workshop or idea. It is a chance to explore new topics, offer new workshops, test skills or simply return to old and successful workshops that mean a lot to attendees.

As a means of support for people attending, usually during the Opening Ceremony, every one journeys to find their animal of the festival. These animals usually can group together in loosely similar groupings, like the “Earth Animals”, “Sea Animals”, “Large Animals”, “Winged Animals”.These form the basis of our clans for the length of the Festival. The clans meet each day and the members support each other as they need for the length of the Festival.

On the last or second last night of the Festival of the Animals, the community gathers for an evening of expression. This is a time for fun and celebration as clans and individuals gather and offer an expression of their Festival experience.

Early bird registration and payment before 28. February 15!

Includes food and accommodation, entry to all workshops & festival events.
(please inform us about allergies when registering – we can adapt the meals)

double room with Queen bed (2 rooms):
early bird pricing – 960PLN / €230 / $300USD
after 28. February 2015 – 1056PLN / €252 / 320USD

double room for a single person
early bird pricing – 1200PLN / €286 / $364USD
after 28. February 2015 – 1296PLN / €309 / 393USD

double room with 2 single beds (7 rooms):
early bird pricing – 960PLN / €230 / $300USD
after 28. February 2015 – 1056PLN / €252 / 320USD

3 people Shared room (1 room):
early bird pricing – 920PLN / €220 / $290USD
after 28. February 2015 – 1023PLN / €244 / 310USD

5 people Shared room (3 room):
early bird pricing – 920PLN / €220 / $290USD
after 28. February 2015 – 1023PLN / €244 / 310USD

Attic (3 persons and 12 persons):
early bird pricing – 880PLN / €210 / $275USD
after 28. February 2015 – 974PLN / €232 / 295USD

early bird pricing – 820PLN / €195 / $260USD
after 28. February 2015 – 924PLN / €220 / 280USD

Guests for one day are welcome!
incl. 3 meals: 70PLN / €17

reduced fees for children
Please mail your request to Justyna Rosa: festival2015(at)

registration and payment:
Registration is valid with the full payment of the festival fee.

1. Pay for your room:
* either using the shopping cart or by sending a
payment via paypal to iivr@deepimagery.onet
* By wire transfer to:
Andrea Ortmayer, Easybank, Wien, Austria
IBAN AT801420020010216576
note as payment for Festival 2015 or similar
* By check to the IIVR, PO Box 632, Velarde NM 87582

2. Email: with
* your T-shirt size (Small, medium, large or extra large)
* Dietary preferences (vegetarian, glutenfree/lactose
intolerant etc.)
* Any additional questions

If you’d like to offer a workshop or guiding individual deepimagery sessions please mail us:

Nearest airport: Krakau (KRK)

We will organize bus service from Krakow to the venue in Kikow

all furtherinformation:

Festival of the Animals 2015

Please bring to the festival:
+ A present or a donation for the silent auction
(e.g. jewellery, books, T-shirts, ritual objects, nice
things etc.) Auction proceeds are used solely for
training scholarships.
+ rain jacket, hiking boots
+ warm clothes for outdoor workshops
+ blanket
+ music instruments
+ camping mat or other underlayment

If you’d like to spend some extra time and visit Poland, you can choose from many possibilities – you can climb mountains in Tatras or Bieszczady or swim in the Baltic Sea. You may find peace and silence at the beautiful lakes in the forests of Masuria. Poland has many beautiful scenic places to visit as well as many sites of historical significance. Here are some tourist information websites for you to explore:

In Krakow, there are also many interesting tourist attractions: You can visit the biggest Market Square in Europe, Wawel Castel and many old churches. The Old Salt Mine in Wieliczka is also an interesting place to see. Also, the Auschwitz concentration camp is only an hour of bus drive from Krakow.

Here is tourist information about sightseeing in Krakow: