Events > 2009 > June > The Animals of the Lodge Workshop

About this event:

Created by Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

Deutschland/Germany: Allgäu

The Apache sweat lodge has 4 rounds, each linked to a direction: East, South, West & North. In this workshop, participants will journey to meet the Power Guides of this Apache lodge, Eagle & Whitetail Deer, Coyote & Mountain Lion, Bear, Dolphin & Whale; White Buffalo Calf Woman. We will take time to meet the animals and discover in our journeys with them what particular significance they have for us, at this moment, in this lodge.
We then prepare the lodge for use, with blessings & herbs, covering it with blankets. We will also have time to make Sage tea for drinking. If you have a drum and would like to learn the Apache songs, bring your drum and we will practice the rhythms. We will then participate in a sweat lodge on the afternoon of June 14th.
Mary was taught to be a Water Pourer (sweatlodge leader) in the Apache Two Spirit Tradition by Apache medicine man, Felipe Ortega and has also apprenticed with him in Medicine. She often combines her Deep Imagery workshops with a sweatlodge.